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October 3, 2013

Above, High, Fly

This links with what you feel is superior or has a wider view of your life or possibility. It sometimes shows a sense of inferiority in relationship to what is above you. Or you might be looking at what you strive for and presently seems above you.

In many dreams what is high, or if you are in a high place, indicates you are experiencing the most refined side of yourself – those things that exist beyond body concerns and link you with universal awareness.

If you are standing above or high up: Having a wider viewpoint of your life or feeling superior or in a position of advantage. Sometimes this says that you are living in your head instead of your heart.

Idioms: Above all; above and beyond; above asking; above oneself; above board; above ones station; risen above oneself. See: High; Hill; Mountain; Flying.

Useful questions:
What are the abilities or achievements I feel good about?
What am I looking up to or reaching for?
What or who do I feel is above me?

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