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October 13, 2013


Something of great value in connection with your life. Sometimes a diamond links with your imperishable essence. But it might also indicate at times human greed or hardness of nature.

Necklace or bracelet with diamonds may indicate great talents or gifts. Something valuable that you have or will come to you.

A diamond ring usually indicates beauty and success in a relationship. On other parts of the body it would suggests similar things; at your brow penetrating insight; on your ear, deeply intuitive ability to hear the truth about situations and people; an amplification of the qualities of that part of you.

Losing a diamond could suggest either the loss of something valuable to you, such as a relationship, or that you are not caring for a gift or value that you hold or have.

A fake diamond means you are acting out what you believe is the right way to be, but not living it from your essence. Either that or you have accepted imitations of something.

The diamond shape can suggest choices or direction, like the compass needle.

Useful questions:
What of great value am I holding or losing at the moment?
Am I aware at times of the wonder of my Essence or Spirit?
How am I relating to the diamond and what does that suggest?

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