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October 11, 2016

Dream Social Releaes New blog Post “What Are Bad Dreams?”

  • Alameda, California – November 11, 2016. Dream Social LLC (, an innovative social network focused on dreams, is proud to announce the release of a new blog post titled “What Are Bad Dreams?”  which specifically addresses bad dreams and how to deal with them. “We all experience unpleasant and scary dreams, but because most people dismiss their every day dreams as ‘just dreams’, many are left wondering what those bad dreams mean,” explained Masoud Safi founder and president of Dream Social. “By paying attention to dreams and considering similar dreams by other people, one can peal off the outer layers of their dreams and glance at the core, where they may learn something new about themselves, and then of course there is the potential for a prophetic dream too”.

    Dream Social also offers a mobile app for users to journal their dreams, perform symbol analysis, share them on social media, and publish them in their Dream Year Book. The Dream Social App also features dream journaling by telephone using text-to-speech technology.  Additionally, Oracle services are offered to users for personalized dream interpretations. Dream Social Oracles are subject matter experts and typically authors of books and publications on dreams and their meanings.

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    About Dream Social

    Dream Social is a social network focused on dream exploration. Our app offers convenient features such as voice-to-text dictation for dream journaling, and computerized dream analysis based on dream symbols. You can use Dream Social app to record your dreams, share them with your social connections, and most importantly find meaning in them.

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